Dragni Dragnev  was  born  24.12.1975  in  the city of  Varna.

His creative journey has started in the children and youth ensemble “Balgarche” in the city of Varna. He has graduated secondary musical school “Orpheus” in the village Shiroka Laka (1989-1994), and the Academy of Musical and Dance Art in the city of Plovdiv (1994-1998). He has studied with some of the best masters of the bagpipe

Dinyo Marinov (Jura bagpipe)  and  Vassil Bebelekov (Jura and Rodophy bagpipe).

During his studies in the town of Plovdiv, he is a soloist in the representational folk orchestra in the Academy, and a member of the orchestra in ensemble “Hem”, with art director Ivan Dimitrov.

After graduating the Musical Academy, he started work as a teacher in the National Palace of Children, city of Sofia.

Since 2001, he is a teacher in Jura and Rodopa bagpipes in the National Secondary School for Humanitarian Sciences and Arts “Konstantin Preslavski”, city of Varna.

Over the years, Dragni Dragnev has taken part in numerous musical projects, seminars, recordings and tours in Europe and America. He has played with famous musicians, such as Anatoli Vapirov (saxophone) , Petar Ralchev (accordion), Sandy Lopicic.